When I build my sample application it's hanging (crashed)

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When I build my sample application it's hanging (crashed)

Postby Stephane » Thu Mar 31, 2005 12:10 pm

Dear Support

My phoenix are installed in my chooice directory by installing:

C:\Program Files\PowerBASIC\Tools\Phoenix\Bin\...
The compiler is PBWin 7.04 or the PBWin 8.0 the same errors!

I'm working with Microsoft Windows 2000 Professional with servicepack 4 and all the security updates.

When I tries to compile and run (build and execute) an project example have I the following messages "Cannot open file" /l /q and afterwards remains open the programme to hang and can I it no longer leave only still to exit the Phoenix designer.
It's the same with PBWin 7.04 and 8.00

Can you please fixed that critical error ??????

Kind regards

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Postby TechSupport » Thu Mar 31, 2005 1:06 pm

Send me screen shots of the following:
1) The Compilers page of the Preferences editor.
2) The "Compiler & Directories" page of the Project Settings editor.

Did you use the Quick Setup Wizard to config Phoenix?

Before sending the screen shots you might want to check that the data in the compiler fields is <path>pbwin.exe and not <path>pbedit.exe.

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