Error message: Not in specified format

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Error message: Not in specified format

Postby TechSupport » Fri Oct 22, 2004 11:52 am

Normally you should receive this message only if you modified the form file by hand and did it incorrectly. Unfortunately, in version, you might receive this message for the reason outlined below.

The problem is due to a coding error in the Parser.
It is writing the IndexAsParam flag before the ItemCount.
Phoenix expects the ItemCount to be the first entry for the custom property when controls such as list boxes and combo boxes are initialized with data. Phoenix preallocates the memory needed for data, and if ItemCount is not the first entry for the Custom property, it aborts loading the form and displays a blank form.

The temporary fix is to not use the IndexAsParam flag. This problem
has been fixed in the soon to be released version. This flag
is only written incorrectly for combo boxes and list boxes. Other
controls that use this flag are not affected.

To fix your form do the following:
1) From the File menu, select the Open command.
2) When the Open File dialog appears, set the "Files of type" field to *.frm.
3) Select your form and click Open.
4) Delete the following line from the form definition.


5) Save the file.

Your project will now load normally.

Note: All files generated by Phoenix are text files and may be edited by hand. Form files are formatted to make them easy to read.

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