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Phoenix is a complete self-contained Rapid Application Development (RAD) environment featuring an advanced form designer, code generator and editor for the PowerBASIC Windows compiler. With the ability to edit any number of projects and documents simultaneously, and access to numerous WYSIWYG property editors, User Interface design has never been so easy.
Design menus and see them in their true form as you design them; initialize controls such as listboxes and treeviews with data at design time; design complex resizeable windows with a few button clicks using a layout manager that offers unprecedented control over how controls resize in relation to each other; change the name of a control or its associations, and your code is automatically updated; rebuild a project and the generated code is updated without overwriting your code.

Main features

Phoenix IDE

  • Automatic recovery from power failures and crashes means you never lose your code.
  • Tabbed or Multiple Document Interface(MDI). Tabbed, MDI
  • Forward and Back commands to browse documents or locations visited in your code.
  • An Explorer that offers unparallel one-click access to your code and external references. Phoenix Explorer
  • An Explorer where the elements of your code are always visible.
  • A statusbar that displays the current class, interface and method the caret is located in. Where am I?

Code editor

  • Unlimited undo/redo.
  • Fully configurable syntax highlighting and keyword files.
  • Find/Replace dialogs with scope such as selection, procedure, file, and project. Find Dialog, Find Dialog Scope
  • Direct search(find next or previous occurrence of word under caret).
  • Find in Files dialog with dual mode (string search, file find).
  • Column mode editing.
  • Code beautification of the edited line.
  • Automatic quotation. Typing one of " ( / [ \ < { when text is selected on a single line surrounds the text with the closing character.
  • Automatic highlighting of matching braces(delimiters). The delimiters that are supported are ()[]{}.
  • Highlights global and instance variables.
  • Autocompletes long variable and function names.
  • Capitalization of variable and function names based on their previous definitions.
  • IntelliSense for annonymous unions and enumerations.
  • IntelliSense with unparallel support for PowerBASIC objects and ActiveX controls.
  • Displays the methods for the pseudo-variables ME and MYBASE. Pseudo-variable me
  • Catches invocation errors(potential GPF) not reported by the compiler for the OBJECT LET|SET|CALL syntax.
  • Code Snippet Manager.
  • Code snippets with replacements. No need for Find/Replace after inserting a snippet. Code Snippet Selector, Literal Replacement Mode
  • Jump to Definition command for instant access to the location in a file where the word at the caret is defined.
  • Displays a toolip with the definition of the word under the cursor.
  • Syntax and user-defined code folding.
  • Split views and synchronized scrolling.

Form designer

  • Unlimited undo/redo.
  • Smart management of Project namespace eliminates duplicate name definition errors.
  • Cut, Copy and Paste between forms belonging to the same project or different projects.
  • Arraying and moving controls.
  • Form duplication.
  • Snap to Lines and Snap to Grid layout modes.
  • Easy aligning of text baselines of controls. Text Baselines
  • Precise and easy aligning of controls. Control Alignment
  • WYSIWYG editors. Menu Editor
  • WYSIWYG design of tab pages. No need for separate forms. Tab Pages
  • Support for High DPI awareness with four scale options(No scaling, DPI, Font, Dialog Units).
  • True seamless support for ActiveX controls. No need to fiddle around with type library browsers to find GUIDs and event interfaces.
  • Initialize an ActiveX control with data at design-time using its builtin property dialog. Property Dialog
  • User-defined control templates.
  • A rock-solid sink for monitoring events from COM servers such as high-performance market data and electronic trading applications.
  • Layers(pages/panels) based on the generic control.
  • Control embedding. Add controls to other controls such as toolbars and statusbars.
  • One click of a command makes a window fully resizeable. No need to define tedious layout rules. Letting the designer do the work, Window resized at run-time
  • A Layout Manager to tweak or construct your own layout rules.
  • Assign and check mnemonics.
  • Nonrectangular windows.
  • Multi-language version editor.
  • Control subclassing and superclassing.
  • Custom control creation and packaging.

Code generator

Generates code using the standard Windows programming technique of source and resource files. The generated code is clean, well commented and is similar to handwritten code. That is, the code does not reflect the underlying data structures used by the code generator, or form designer, or have unnecessary library code.
Phoenix supports two code generation modes and four project layout models. This allows the choosing of a file organization that closely resembles your coding style.
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