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  • Grid32Ex Grid Control
    Current version is 1.3. Download is fully functional with caption on grid.

    Download  (~1.6MB)
    (last updated (18:00 UTC) June 25, 2015)

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  • Phoenix Visual Designer
    Current version is 3.0. Download is fully functional with restrictions on saving and loading projects. Includes help files, layout manager, all built-in custom controls, sample projects and several third-party custom controls.

    Download setup_demo.exe  (~13MB)
    (last updated (01:30 UTC) May 17, 2014)

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  • Layout32 Resize Library
    Current version is 1.0. Download is fully functional with a nag screen. Includes the Rules Checker utility and help files.
    Unzip to the folder of your choice.

    Download  (~808KB)
    (last updated (23:44 UTC) July 27, 2014)

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  • Phoenix OLE Container SLL
    This update fixes a bug in the SLL version of the OLE Container. Events containing string paramters caused a general protection fault(GPF) when fired from ActiveX controls such as the WebBrowser control.

    Download  (~62KB)
    (last updated June 1, 2015)

    Unzip to the \bin directory of your Phoenix installation.

  • Borje Hagsten's EDM32 Control Template
    This file expands the control template created by towlerg in this thread Using Borje Hagsten's EDM32 as a control.
    Also, the source code has been modified slightly so that it follows accepted conventions for the handling of WM_SETFONT and control notifications.

    Download  (~181KB)
    and unzip to the directory of your Phoenix installation. Or, copy edm32.ctl to the \CtrlTpl subdirectory, and the rest of the files to the \ThirdPty\Edm32 subdirectory.

  • Phoenix Help File (WinHelp version)
    Updated Phoenix Visual Designer help file.

    Download  (~626KB)
    (last updated January 21, 2006)


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