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Layout32 Resize Library
for the Microsoft Windows programmer

Introducing, Layout32, a powerful, easy to use, and intuitive resize engine for the Microsoft Windows programmer. It is rules-based, meaning that there is no need to fiddle around with confusing docking and anchor properties. To make the following window fully resizeable, all that is needed are two easy to understand rules that describe what one sees visually when the form is resized.

Initial window size
Resized window
Layout_AddRule hWnd, Stretch, Right, MakLng(IDC_FORM1_EDIT1, IDC_FORM1_EDIT6), Right
Layout_AddRule hWnd, Move, Right, MakLng(IDC_FORM1_TEXTBTN1, IDC_FORM1_LISTVIEW1), Right

Or in plain English

Stretch the Right side of the controls from Edit1 to Edit6 relative to the Right side of the form.
Move the Right side of the controls from Button1 to the list-view relative to the Right side of the form.

Dynamic Forms

But there is more, a form can be built dynamically, for example, a data entry screen that is based on data stored in a database. The controls can initially be created with no particular size, position, and discernible relationship to each other and then laid out using a set of rules.

Initial window size
Resized window

Who can use it

The Layout32 can be used from any computer programming language that supports Dynamic Link Libraries(DLL). The package comes with two versions:
  • A fully operational distributable DLL or SLL without debugging features.
  • A fully operational developer DLL or SLL with debugging features.
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